07 December 2005

Remembering Roger -- Construction

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. “Bumpa” Roger epitomised this. If he fixed something, it stayed fixed.

There is a small refrigerator in the kitchen at the farm, which was difficult to reach down into for things like the vegetables at the very bottom, so he built a little stool for it to raise it about 18 inches to a comfortable height. Out of 2x4s. With cross-bracing. I'm pretty sure you could park a truck (or at least a 4WD) on it without it so much as creaking.

There is also a shed with a “long drop”, a stopgap until a proper digestor/recycling system is built for the house. It’s one of the very few loos with jarrah floorboards, and once again it’s solid and dependable: one can clamber about on the roof etc (a recycled roll-a-door) with complete confidence.

I’m going to miss that dependability.

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