16 December 2005

Climb through the wheel of my Peugeot-

Stumbled across a couple of articles on cars recently, which really raised my eyebrows...

Peugeot Moovie Jeep Hurricane

The first is the Peugeot Moovie, an eye-catching two-seater electric concept car designed by André Costa and actually built. You climb into it through a wheel (the front is supported by two spheres, but steering is by differential force on the high-efficient main wheels). It has an unequalled field of view, incredible stability, sliding doors and mirrors which fold away for close parking.

The second is the Jeep Hurricane, with all-wheel completely independent steering (giving a turning circle of — more or less — zero) and two 5.7-litre vee-eights (total of 670hp!) with a “multi-displacement system” which allows you to run on any arbitrary combination of 4-16 cylinders (and to hit 100km/h in six seconds from a standing start).

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