23 December 2005

Christmas as a preview of hell

After some discussion over the relative merits of “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Hannuka”, “Peaceful Solstice” and so on, the official verdict is that the most common Christmas greeting is “Will that be cash or card?”

I had to meet a relative at Coles in Ocean Keys today, and the entire front of the shop was gridlocked with overflowing trollies. As in, totally. There was no room to move, and shoppers still loading their trollies had to go back down the aisles to the rear of the store, then up the next aisle and return, and so on across the store. Which of course caused more congestion.

The queue for the express lanes ran right through the middle of this, across the front wall of the store and down into the ’fridge aisle, and there wasn’t a happy face in it.

Christmas is truly a merchants’ holiday.


James Dumay said...

Ive changed my christmas greeting from "Merry Christmas" to "May the payment of your Visa be swift and painless".

Leon, thanks for all of your wonderful commentary over the past year. Its a real pleasure to kind of get to know you via blogging. Hopefully one day we can meet up at some open source event or have a convo on the net.

Try not to look at your Visa balence. Peace and out.

Leon Brooks said...

i386: glad you enjoyed it, that’s a big part of what it’s there for.

I hope some of it offended you as well, else I will have failed in my career as a rebel without a clue. (-:

If you’re headed to LCA2006, I’ll probably see you there.