14 December 2005

Assholes incorporated

The following idiocy, posted here for the record, arrived on my PostFix server from a dynamic DSL IP in Tennessee via an apparently compromised MS-Exchange server belonging to SprintLink customer Wilde in Massachusetts. Nine times, so far. One has to wonder why the Yanks (if it is the Yanks) are making these claims. I quote the terrifyingly brainless drivel verbatim, except to reduce the obscenity count a little by putting a bullet (•) through some of instances of it.

We are the Sons and Daughters of the ANZACs.

We can not expect our treasonous Government to protect us in these times, they are the ones that bought us to this very place. With 150,000 Arab immigrants entering our nation "legally" each year it is time Australians stood up and were counted. For we are the Sons and Daughters of the ANZACs, the men who protected us from invasion and threats in years gone by. Now it is your turn, OUR turn, the guard has changed, the times have changed, but true patriots shall NEVER be silenced!

John Coward has not protected us, not now, nor ever from this threat, and his Cowardice has cost us greatly. I urge all my Australian brothers and sisters to attend Cronulla and Maroubra this Sunday in a show of strength, unity and brotherhood. For this is a fight not just for Cronulla, not just Sydney, but for our entire nation, and not until the cowards in the media, along with the cowards in our parliament understand this, shall we stop our show of strength.

After rallying in Cronulla and Maroubra we will push our way through to Lakemba and Bankstown, we will destroy the mosques in these areas and any leb that gets in our way. We will smash their houses, smash their shops, destroy their ghettos.

We are the Sons and Daughters of the ANZACs, the men who ran into gunfire protecting our great land. Will you today run from biased media coverage and Lebs with poles? Or will you stand with your brothers and sisters THIS DAY, AND THOSE DAYS COMING and stand united in continuing their legacy.

The coals were lit when lebs threatened to rape young children on Cronulla beach, lifeguards stepped in to defend them and were bashed. this has been going on for years.

John Coward disarmed the australian people, and gave arms to the Lebanese criminals, and today you see the results.

The comoncheros and Bra Boys have as of today given official support to gang rapists and thus must be destroyed if they interfere. They are a group of old has-been, race traitors, junkies and lebs. Aussie Patriots do not need their support.

Failure to fight and win will mean living under the rule of criminals and gang rapists.

This is a real war, make no mistake. cowards WILL BE TREATED LIKE LEBS!

Bring yourself, your mates, anyone you know of fighting age and whatever devices you see fit to defend yourself and your country.

Must our people live in fear in our own country by people who dont belong here, who would rather disgrace our country than embrace it.

The media will try and shame us, calling us "nazis" or "racist" and other things. FUCK THE MEDIA, you should all know by now the media have no shame, they lie and manipulate the Australian people on a daily basis while defending these Lebanese scum and giving a voice to their slimey "leaders/terrorists".
Even whle the lebs bash their camera crews!

Stand up and fight for what's right while you still can, none of us voted for multiculturalism, and none of us have to accept it either. The media and politicians say we are a "tolerant" society with cultures from all over, but we all know thats absolute bull•••t, every man on the street knows its bull•••t yet they persist with this failed ideology.

We don't want them, we don't need them and we won't have them forced on us in our country anymore. this is AUSTRALIA, politicians don't own this country WE DO.

Australia was founded on christian values, that is why we are a successful, peaceful nation. but now that the government has imported scum against our will, the cracks are starting to appear and our country is going to s••t.

Morris Iemma the EN-ELECTED "premier" of NSW is going soft on the lebs because this scumbag is the son of lebanese immigrants himself! and the member for LAKEMBA!!!! sydneys biggest arab suburb and home of the terrorist training camp aka mosque!




If that’s “Aussie pride” then I’m glad to not be an Aussie. )-: Perhaps I should delay my citizenship application?

All of the ANZACs I’ve ever known would violently disown this refugee from a padded cell in a heartbeat.

Note that the asshole who originated this threatens everyone who won’t cooperate in his senseless brutality. That means me, and it means you.

Note that in his view (try to tell me the author’s a woman only if you really enjoy being laughed to scorn), all Australians are ”white”. What about the ex-Phœnecians who were wandering around here for thousands of years before Cook arrived?

Note that the “enemy” is identified as Islamic and “Lebs” — and never mind the Caucasian (ie, “white”), Asian, Negro, Hispanic and other criminals who come from Catholic, Shinto, Animist, Judaic, Orthodox and other backgrounds and into Australia.

The level of intelligence we’re dealing with here folks, is... not very high.

I don’t think they’ll be amenable to reason, so I think now would be a good time to see to your physical security, make sure the extinguishers are charged, that your local police and SES are in your speed-dialler and possibly go shopping for some semi-automatic hand-weapons with stopping power. Not to defend ourselves from “Lebs”, but to defend ourselves from mindless idiots like the author of this piece of repulsive poison.


M said...

I noticed on the news tonight they're saying there is an sms "chain" going around Perth now saying there will be a gathering of inbred fckwits at scarborough beach this weekend claiming to want to bash all Lebanese/Muslims etc, and here I thought we had a better class of idiots in WA... apparently not.

Panthagaria said...

I was led here from a link in a friend's (rog's) livejournal post. I am also sickened by this letter, and interested by the international web that seems to have been created by this (ie you noted it was sent from America?)with a target audience of Australians.

For all of that, if you are going to determine to fight something you have to know what you are fighting- and this is (at the start) a good piece of rhetoric, using various powerful images and heightened language. It could have been written by anyone from anywhere (even a woman) but its persona is a traditional and pretty powerful one.

I think it is a good piece of evidence that the riots are being fanned by outside, as someone suggested by supremacist groups.

Leon Brooks said...

m: good time for a tsunami?

panthagaria: powerful, yes, but only for the mentally disabled (e.g. drunk or stupid).

Panthagaria said...

Don't underestimate the stupidity of the average "Joe Blow"

-I think that's what annoys me most of all.