04 November 2005

Telstra bills me for 7c

No kidding! The bill number is T 097 843 703-7. It turns out to be a credit card processing fee from when I paid out the account.

Hello, Turkeystra? Y’all spent maybe 2c on the envelope, 2c on preprinted stationery, ≅3c printing each of three sides... you’ve done your dough already. Then you spent some money (guessing around 25-30c) with Australia Post to get it all to me. <thwack!>

Am I supposed to pay this with a credit card? If I do, will you send me a bill for 1c?

The bill also says “Payment is not required until next bill”... er, tap, tap, is this thing on? The account is closed. I paid it out. What “next bill”?

Third item: I’ve moved house. I changed providers from Telstra to Southern Cross Telco a few months before I moved, yet the ’phone number on this bill is for the line at the new address — and the bill was sent to the old address. Wha...? I guess it’s the old story: “computers do not lie”?

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