07 November 2005

So, is it Sell Linux Computers By The Tonne Week or something? Brasil is in on the act, now:

stores all over Brazil will start selling computers on the installment plan, at low interest rates, for no more than US$ 440 [...] The idea is for consumers to take home a complete microcomputer, ready for use, with a Linux operating system and an array of open software programs with 27 software applications, including a photo editor, word processor, anti-virus, and internet navigator.

Anti-virus? Que? Oh, well, I don’t suppose it’ll do any harm.


Alpha said...

Interestingly the Thai government did something very similar for its citizens, 6 months later they found 50% of the linux shipped systems were running a pirate MS operating system. Yes this is partially where the stripped down Windows XP came from (to stop piracy), for those who chose Windows on the same hardware but become legal. Cheap hardware for the poorer citizens still doesn't mean legality of use

Leon Brooks said...

50% is better than 0%, and being Intel it would be easy enough to make the machines (at the motherboard glue-chip level) so that no Windows drivers worked with them.