03 November 2005

A pleasant little WINE

My SIL got sent a Win32 executable purporting to be a sildeshow about the birth of a photographer friend of hers’ baby. Why do people do things like this? It’s like sending an electrical appliance to the other side of the globe and expecting the recipient to have the same wall sockets and voltage as you.

Anyway, I shrugged and run it with WINE... and it worked. All of it. Flawlessly. Even the 3D effects and sound, the complicated stuff you’d expect to break. This is the 20050725 snapshot of WINE, too, not the latest release, and completely virgin configurationwise.

The slideshow turns out to have been made with Photodex ProShow Gold. First off, big round of applause for the WINE dudes<*>; second off, add that app to your List Of Alien Things That Work.

<*> non-gender-specific use of “dudes”, natch.

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