24 November 2005

Open Source and scaling

FlightGear recently had a new release, including volumetric shading, seasonal shading, working arresters/catapults on the carrier, lightning/rain, redout/blackout, massive scripting imporvements and lots of other kewl stuff like “Include an external utility that can feed saved nmea tracks back into FlightGear. If you take a gps on a real flight with you and capture the output, you can replay your flight in FlightGear.” However, two items in particular caught my eye:

  • New aircraft available [...]: A380 [...]
  • Aircraft that have had updates since the last release: <[...] 1903 Wright Flyer.
Pretty good scaling, methinks, especially when you include a B52 and a Concorde.

b1900d seafire and carrier helicopter in winter

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