21 November 2005

One's weak without exercise

The past week had been kind of busy, so the only cycling I got in was a couple of trips up to the local shopping centre, which is about three stone’s throws away. We had the unpleasant experience of having both vehicles off-line themselves at the same time, so I had to borrow a vehicle to drop #1 favourite teen (AKA “Pretty Much”) off to BioMum in Rockingham, and cycle back from dropping it off (Currambine → Wanneroo). All of the basic hard-won (well... relatively hard-won :-) strength and endurance improvements are still there, but everything has a kind of “mushy” edge to it, and the first endurance “wall” was noticeably steeper than usual when I first “hit” it.

On the brighter side, I now have another 26" bike in my little fleet, and two more dusted off and on their way there, along with two nearly complete baby MTBs (the ones with golf-cart-sized tyres but designed to take an adult’s weight) which I plan to use as kids’s bikes. Hurrah for council chucking-out days. When I’ve use up all of the good parts, the rest become a drive-by donation to Tamala Park’s scrap metal heap. Essentially zero disposal costs and quite enviro-friendly — certainly much more enviro-friendly than being munched up together with old wardrobes, broken plastic chairs and televisions en route to landfill.

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