01 November 2005

Oi! There's a local recumbent maker!

These words led me to this website:

Instead of balancing on your bum and your fanny on a tiny wedge of leather that rapidly cuts off circulation to both and leaves you feeling like someone’s taken to your nether regions with a baseball bat after a couple of hours on it, you get a nice, comfy chair to cruise along in.

Instead of leaning on a metal bar that rapidly cuts off circulation to your hands, and constantly craning your neck upwards to avoid staring at bitumen all day long, you wrap your hands lightly around two upright handlebars down by your hips, lean back, and the world unfolds before you like a movie on a cinema screen.

After a recommendation like that, who wouldn’t want a recumbent? (-:

Number One Daughter also has knee issues, and the recumbent makes it easier to gear down rather than loading up.

The downside is that these are about 10-12x the price of a K-Mart bike; the upside is that they’re built really well. Hydraulic brakes with reinforced (braid-armoured) tubing and that sort of stuff. And of course, the Fat Chick has been around Australia on one.

How did I find that site? It’s being hosted on a Linux box for an MS-Windows-addict friend (who knows quite well what would happen to a Microsoft server in the same circumstances, unless its paid far more attention than he has for it), and neither FrontPage nor CoffeeCup are very good at producing intact websites from a sliced-up MS-Word document (although kudos for CoffeeCup for not totally raping (as in completely botching rather than doing a clean wipe and replace) the existing site during updates.

I’ll drop in and have a play with some personal/portable/real-life “cinema screens” on Sunday.

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