05 November 2005

Intel selling "hundreds of millions" of Linux PCs?

LXer is reporting what purports to be a leaked Intel document about the “Farmer PC”, a Celeron-powered Linux-based low cost PC already being sold in Chinese rural areas for USD$350 and slated to be sold in “hundreds of millions” of units there. Amongst other things, it has a one-button factory reset facility and seems to be integrated into a suitable network of facilities (on-line courses, for example).

If this is all genuine, then it would seem that Intel have decided that Microsoft are a bit of an albatross around the neck — at least as far as the Chinese market is concerned. Since Intel already manufacture at least CPUs, motherboards, cases, RAM and hard disks, a good slice of the revenue for this system will go back to them. If they’re also building the screens, mice and keyboards they’ve got a bit of a headlock on this particular band of the food chain.

This year’s Halloween Memo, perhaps? Are Microsoft learning to hate the sight of a pumpkin?

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