17 October 2005

So... how did Telstra get rich again?

Picture a company in a Perth industrial area, not far from the CBD. An area that has had ADSL for at least 4 years.

Zoom in on the ADSL modem, note the Telstra badge.

Pan across to the filing cabinet, notice the Telstra account for ≅$700-$900 a month for ≅4GB down, ≅1GB up on a 1500/256 ADSL link (a 1000MB limit, mind, not a real gigabyte, then 19c a meg each way past that), and well over $100 a month line and equipment rental.

Mystery solved. Four customers like that pretty much pays a technician’s wages.

Take the firm’s financial controller to a random ISP’s web page. Click on the broadband plans. Watch him go grey, as he figures out that they’ve essentially thrown away $750 a month for the last two years.

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Penguins dont do much with their time ay?