16 October 2005

Of mandrakes and MySQL

Mandriva Linux 2006 (the full version including Contribs — apparently Mandriva is “the only Linux distribution certified for Intel® Centrino™”) ships with MySQL 4.1.12 (the default), 4.0.26 (conservative) and 5.0.4 (bleeding edge).

The RPM description includes the dual licence clause:

The MySQL software has Dual Licensing, which means you can use the MySQL software free of charge under the GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/). You can also purchase commercial MySQL licenses from MySQL AB if you do not wish to be bound by the terms of the GPL. See the chapter “Licensing and Support” in the manual for further info.

Seems fairly straightforward to me.

About a dozen packages directly require MySQL, and about 30 depend upon it being somewhere in the system (e.g. apache-mod_auth_mysql, gda-mysql0, postfix-mysql, ruby-mysql). I haven’t checked, but there must be a big swag more that depend on it through one of those dependencies.

Mandriva have an excellent Planet. Austin’s photo of home struck a chord, as did his thanksgiving turkey a la GAIM and Vincent Danen’s reaction to people wetting themselves and beating others off in order to get a $50 iBook. The occasional French, Brasilian Portugese and/or Dutch post just adds to the charm.

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