16 October 2005

Non-KDE HTML editors

Alli Russell asks:

I really liked Quanta+, it was easy and I just hit a button that put all the tags etc in. I know, writing HTML is pretty easy, but I dont see why I should have to. [...] Surely there is a nice application with a GUI to do that for me? There’s probably a GNOME based one I just haven’t bothered to look for it.

I’ve used BlueFish and liked it. It seems to have its own subdomain in OpenOffice Holland now, which tends to imply a certain GNOMEicity.

You might also like Screem (not Screen, not Scream), which is oriented more toward the management of _sites_ rather than pages, but is nevertheless very GNOMEish.

BTW, I use KDE, and I known what you mean but in reverse. The GNOME stuff works kinda oddly under KDE. The GIMP and a few others make serious efforts to overcome this, though, so you can (forex) drag a file from Konqueror or the desktop to GIMP’s toolbox to open it.

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M said...

I use Nvu with a degree of success... (as long as you can live with it's Linspire roots :-P )