10 October 2005

More food prices

Some more numbers from Kakulis Brothers (185 William Street, Northbridge; they don’t appear to have a website), this brought the mean cost down to AUD$10.75 per kilo:

Apricot kernels200$3.90$19.50
Pine nuts  $18.99
Almonds  $13.99
Brazil nuts  $12.99
Dried bananas  $9.80
Honey (tub)  $8.50
Sesame slice  $7.99
Pitted prunes  $7.50
Dried mango strips  $6.95
Olive oil4000$24.99$6.25
Dried apples  $5.99
Dried apricots (Chinese)  $5.99
Dried pineapple rings  $4.20
Dried pawpaw spears  $3.50
Urid Dahl  $3.00
Sunflower kernels  $2.99
Lima beans  $2.99
Borlotti beans  $2.70
Cannellini beans  $2.30
Black beans  $2.20
Sultanas  $1.99
Lentils  $1.75
Oats  $1.60
Popping corn  $1.50

It’s noteworthy that this is primarily dried food, the wet weight (and so the “wet value”) would be considerably higher.


Anonymous said...

Kakulas bros William st. no longer stock Lima beans. Your table shows them as in stock?

Leon Brooks said...

They were indeed in stock ten years and two months ago. Why do you expect a static web page to keep track of changes in reality?