20 October 2005

Historic myopia and MSIE

I keep forgetting how bad it is.

This is Andrew Pollock.

it wasn't me!No, this is not Andrew Pollock on drugs, this is him on MSIE. PNG is an open standard, and therefore inherently evil according to Microsoft’s internal and unofficial Q’ballah, so apparently the thing to do is not support it properly.

No tabs.

Searching requires laboriously visiting a search engine by hand, instead of thumping in text and letting the browser soft it out.

Bookmarks are a menu item and a dialog box, not “I want this «click» URL in this «release» menu”.

The autoscroll is clumsy and replaces the ever-so-handy middle-click paste-to-go-here facility, as well as the click-to-open-in-new-thingie facility.

No dictionary.

No HTML facilities.

No adblocker.

The popup blocker only blocks useful popups, like SourceForge downloads.

(For Konqueror users) no fish:// or any other interesting protocols.

The progress bar tells gross and offensive lies. For example, it shows progress in the absence of a network cable.

/ME will be packing his copy of TheOpenCD in future.

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