23 October 2005

The Dark Side of the Force loses another one

A local developer who prefers to remain nameless was pleasantly surprised to discover that PostgreSQL’s stored procedures support is if anything considerably better than MS-SQL-Server’s. He is now converting his MS-SQL-Servee-backed application full-tilt to PostgreSQL.

He had a look at MySQL and was very impressed with a number of its features but regretfully concluded that it did not have the right stored-procedure features to support his application (which is basically written as a big flock of stored procedures which a very thin GUI application layer invokes when it needs to do real work).

It’s not as exciting as an umpty-thousand-desktop mass migration, but it’s much more up close and personal for me, and having this one developer change will swing at least hundreds of users across to an Open Source system, and soon see MS-Windows depart one of “my” server rooms entirely.

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