15 October 2005

Bonneville Flats. it's not...

...and nor is it what you might call a professional velocity, but with a moderate favourable hill and a slight (~10km/h) headwind I got the FOSTFLG Beastie up to 52.0km/h today. Because of the headwind it felt nearly supersonic, but we all know how well subjectivity and impartiality get along.

The ongoing effort of cycling has unquestionably opened up my lungs a lot, as well as upping my basic endurance and strength. I’m idly wondering what exercise to complement it with. Something that involves using my arms a lot. Swimming? Squash?

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skribe said...

Swimming. Low impact, your entire body gets the workout not just the arms or legs, you don't need anybody else to fit into your timetable (unlike squash) plus it's fun to just splash about.