01 October 2005

Billion bizarrity

Today, I moved gear around in the office, including my Billion 711CE ADSL modem, because I have a back-pain type headache which is exacerbated by staring at screens too much (what you see here is quota for about an hour) and my chiro isn’t available until late today.

When I plugged the Billion back in, she’s a no go. Some experimentation with tcpdump on startup reveals that instead of its normal (and default, for the model) address of, it has assumed and begun ARP scanning from on up.


Attempting to log in via the web interface reveals that it responds to neither the password I’d set, nor the factory default. So... out with the paperclip.

One reset later, and hurrah for Firefox remembering the web pages with all of the settings on, now all I have to do is laboriously plug about twenty “virtual server” (port forwarding) settings in.

But... wha...? Has anyone seen this kind of bizarrity from one of these before?

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