02 October 2005

Bali now up to 25 dead including one Aussie, one Jap

How to win frinds and influence people: murder children. The scary thing is that if they’re trying to polarise people, that will do the job.

Speaking of polarisation, I have a theological question for any real followers of Islam out there: do the murderous/suicidal idiots claiming your religion for themselves and thereby dragging your collective name through the mud still get awarded seventy dark-eyed virgins if they’re stuffed and rubbed down with pork mince, then staked out on an anthill?


Alpha said...

It is always the same problem, people mix political gains in the same bag as religion. Yes they may be muslims who carry out terrorist acts, but then again so called christians sent soldiers to Afganistan and Iraq to kill also, and were fighting in gods name. The problem with in gods name is both sides have the same god being used for the same political purpose. This has nothing to do with religion it is political and about politics.

Leon Brooks said...

Yes. But that's not why I asked the question. (-;

M said...

I heard an interesting point on Radio National the other day, that the bombings in Bali are not really aimed at "us" or tourists in general but are more aimed at a "soft target".
Apparently Bali is 80% Hindu, so the Islamic militants that are trying to create a "Taliban super state" out of Indonesia can target Bali safely and not be overly concerned about hitting their own guys.

The whole point apparently _is_ political in the sense that they want "_Islam_ to be the Governing power of Indonesia.