15 September 2005

Why you need a mountain bike, even in the city

Welcome to the City of Stirling, just north of the CBD in Perth, Western Australia. This area always reminds me of Prince Herbert’s dad explaining Castle Anthrax.

cycleway in Stirling

Note bulky old mobile ’phone (Nokia 6250) to right of join for for scale.

cycleway in Stirling

Yes, dammit, the camera is level. It’s just that nothing else in the frame is. Not even the brick wall is quite vertical.

Note the 5-inch drop-off at left, and then a few slabs later we get the six-inch step-up in the frame above; getting through here on a racing bike at speed and without busting a rim would be an award-winning achievement. This is the section west of the Mitchell Freeway just below the Reid Highway, before you get turfed into the streets for the balance of the journey to the border with the City of Joondalup.

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