01 September 2005

We are now a fleet...

black bike

...with our second vehicle also acquired for the princely sum of roughly two sets of standard (ie non-MTB) brake pads. Now I have a backup in case the FOSTFLG Beastie decides to chuck a sad, and something for a guest to ride around the invitingly smooth and clear cycleways at the bottom of our street.

I noticed today that — ironically enough — FOSTFLG was originally sold in Canberra (where I had to leave the Blue Beastie) by The Bycycle Warehouse.

Muchas gracias also to Steve Hanley for his pointers to much info on “quill stems” and the like which are what the odd sliced-bean handlebar attachment mechanism is called.

I’m now doing enough cycling that it’s impacting my driving. I find myself picking routes when I drive that follow the contours rather than routes that involve the least turns.

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