01 September 2005

Potential Linux Virus Epidemic, Up To Six Sites May Be Trashed

This moron reckons that an elm vulnerability is a serious problem for Linux.

Let’s think about this for a moment:

  • I have never used elm, nor come across a system on which it is in use. At all.
  • I do not read email as root; nor do I know of other sysadmins who routinely do this. With any email client.
  • Linux is dead easy to update in comparison with MS-Windows, my systems were all updated before this vulnerability was announced.

Conclusion? Matthew Broersma fundamentally misunderstands or misrepresents the systems he’s speaking so authoritatively about.

This is not MS-Outlook on MS-Windows we’re dealing with here, where every email is a potential booby-trap and running a monocultural virus flypaper as Administrator is common — in some cases even necessary — amongst sysadmins.

Matthew also doesn’t mention (in an article entitled “Linux/Unix e-mail flaw...”, no less) that the MPlayer vulnerability is not a Linux/Unix problem.

Is that article’s misrepresentation and bias due to carelessness, ignorance or shilling? What’s your opinion?

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