30 September 2005

Potato chip bags good for the environment?

While other researchers troll the material properties of ever more exotic substances to find a more efficient solar collector, these two blokes took a slightly different tack. It turns out that the aluminium mylar potato-chip bags that we’ve all seen flashing in the sunlight where some Wrecker tossed them away are — big surprise — excellent reflectors, lightweight, and cheap to make. By making the reflective portions of solar collectors from this stuff, it’s possible to massively reduce the cost of the whole system (they cite a 450W system dropping from USD$3100 to USD$1250).

/ME waits with ’bated breath for someone to discover how to run a car on the potato chips, so he can park next to the Salt and Vinegar pump. Newer models, of course, will run on Sweet Thai Thins.

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