12 September 2005

New boots all around

Since I’d just bought a new set of black shoes and a new set of sneakers, I guess the FOSTFLG Beastie decided that it wanted some too. I stopped at the bottom of our street on my way home from a ride to have a quick glance at a garage sale. I toddled around the sale, then came back out to the front again and had a yarn with the proprietor, and towards the end of this, the front tube popped and released a lot of air around the valve, psssshooo, sending the tyre dead flat in about three seconds.

Since the tyres on FOSTFLG are old and perished, I bought a new set and new tubes, then pulled the old one off, but I can’t see the hole. The air was definitely coming out from around the valve, not through it, and very quickly, but there’s not the obvious hole I expected, even after pumping it up a bit. I checked my recent patch very carefully, and that’s still nicely sealed all around.

The new tyre is a Dunlop MTB design rather than an MTB-ish road tyre, and wants to be inflated to 40PSI instead of 50. We’ll see how it goes later today, and maybe then swap the back one as well, which has shown no signs of stress but is now quite worn.

That will make $10 for bike, $30 for lights, $50 for tyres and tubes so far. Perhaps I should spend a little more on an odometer so I can calculate the $/km compared with a car.

I also grabbed a purple and black femme-styled $10 MTB which needed a new stand, a little air and some oil, and a $5 child-sized bike which I haven’t looked at too closely yet but seems to be about the same (except that it came with a fairly recently replaced stand). It will need trainer wheels if Xan is to ride it.

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