06 September 2005

My work XboX

Nephew Callum’s eyes grew wide as he clambered into the van (alongside five other offspring or nephews), for there rested an XboX, still in its wrapper.

”Can we have a play on this, Uncle Leon?”

“Nah, sorry, it’s my work one.”

True story, much to the general dissapointment of the short people that day. I have one to turn into an information kiosk, and the little gremlins at Microsoft have been slaving away doing important stuff since I last looked — like making the sods non-flashable, so now I need to get a mod-chip in order to get it booting Linux.

They also seem to have reverted from 10GB hard drives back to 8GB. Oh, well, if space becomes an issue, new 120GB drives are only eighty-odd bucks, retail. If you tossed the DVD drive, you could power another HDD, and once you’d booted Linux the 137MB limit would no longer apply, so you could drop a brace of larger drives in there. A 500Gb multi-protocol ethernet SANS (or 250MB RAID-1ed) for ~$500 sounds like a bit of a bargain.

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