18 September 2005

Land sale, $2/m2

farm from castle rock

It looks like the farming rellies are starting to bite some bullets. Big chunks of the main farm are now slated to be planted out with Tasmanian Blue WeedsGums, and Uncle Ted is putting the smaller block of his two-block property up for sale.

This is a tad annoying because that block contains our house (well, shell-of-house) and scores of established fruit and nut trees, but OTOH he’ll finally be able to rebuild a decent house, an event that he’s never quite been able to save up for (one disaster or another would always arise when he was on the brink of building) and will have some spare cash afterwards for a few of the luxuries he's never had.

The 37-acre (150,000m2) property is on the south face of the Porongurup Range National Park in the Lower Great Southern region (30km by road from Mount Barker, 45km from Albany), and will sell for around AUD$8000 an acre, which works out to about AUD$2 per square meter. This compares more than favourably with any boring Perth city block; land in, say, Karakatta sells for over AUD$1000/m2 these days (which is again cheap by Sydney standards).

It has a creek running through it — which is not something that comes with very many of the city blocks — and a random assortment of established fruit trees, a handful of vines and so on. And some blackberries. The last km of access (via Sixpenny Road) is still unsealed, however the council will probably seal one frontage (Millinup Road) within a year or two, but as at now a busy day consists of half a dozen cars.

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