01 September 2005

The KMart Kicker

kmart kicker

KMart currently have a special on two different kinds of bike, an orange one with shock absorbing suspension for both wheels for $130, and a charcoal grey one with front shocks only and a more robust-looking frame, called a “Kicker” and made in China for $180 (marked down from $250).

I’m wondering if y’all know anything about these bikes, and whether they’re a bargain buy for a low-end “real” MTB or would be a constant source of disappointment.

If it makes any difference, the box says “distributed by Bicycle Authority P/L, Sperry Drive, Tullamarine”, Vic and “Pacific Cycle” Madison, Wisconsin. The nett mass is 14kg and the model number is R2642KMI (I presume that the 26 relates to the rim size).


M said...

The most valueble thing I've ever learnt about bikes is to find out what brand the "gear system" is...
Shimano aparently are pretty decent
(thats about the extent of my bike tech know-how :-P )

Leon Brooks said...

Oddly enough, the black $10 bike has Shimano gears.

For the international readership, the photo was taken in Lakeside Shopping Centre, Joondalup, Western Australia (it’s likely that non-Oz KMarts aren't having the special, probably don’t even sell these).