15 September 2005

I hear the thunder of approaching megabits!

My ISP, ArachNet, has been bought out (along with PerthIX) by another, AmNet.

AmNet have their own fibre network and DSLAMs, and in fact are about to DSLAM my nearest exchange (Wanneroo) — which I’m a stone’s throw from, pretty much guaranteeing 8x1 and (when they turn on ADSL2 in a few months) 12x1Mb/s (which is slightly more than I can suck direct from the modem at the moment, since it only has a 10Mb/s ethernet interface).

With ADSL2+ and Annex M I should be able to get about 20x3Mb/s. Hooraw! ISO images at five minutes a throw! One and two thirds floppy disks a second! «leap» «click» «fits chrome extensions to his modem»

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M said...

Just a FYI.. the 8x1 that amnet currently supply is not ADSL2 and is the upper limit of ADSL1. :-)
ADSL2 will be even quicker :-D