26 September 2005

Good showstopper headline, Chris...

...I certainly blinked when I read “Petrol prices not high enough”, in this day and age of “shall I buy a tank of juice or an eighty gigabyte hard drive?”

spider orchid

Your point about the wildlife is certainly true. One of the things I notice about cycling is that even with big noisy mtb tyres, a bicycle on bitumen, cement or stone is quiet enough that you see things missed even by the pedestrians, and sometimes your steady motion makes things more visible (or less alarmed) than the more rhythmic gait of a walker.

Admittedly, not everyone wants to see a dugite when they’re out walking (which happened to me a few days ago) but OTOH I’d rather see it from a fast-moving bike on which I can draw my feet up than from Shanks’s Pony. I’ve also ghosted past a lass photographing a bird with her camera on a tripod, and neither photographer nor subject flinched even slightly. OTOH I’ve also ghosted past another daydreaming lass who abruptly flung her milkshake up into the air (most of it landed in the scrub) and squeaked about a bodily function after I passed.

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