09 September 2005

Feel the cyclomaniacal power!

I’ve been pedalling around for a while now, feeling much looser-muscled but otherwise not particularly fit or fast, but the weather here for the past few days has been random, cold and wet so I’ve not had dry weather and the time to get out and about occur simultaneously.

Today, I made the time, replaced the brake shoes on the recently acquired $10 black beastie and took it for a short spin. It’s obviously built for someone much smaller than me, has a shorter pedal stroke, narrower gear spread and it’s very bent and rusty compared to the $10 FOSTFLG beastie, but it does go just fine.

On the way back home, I faced short but a steep hill that I normally would have walked it up, and decided that since I was already rolling, I’d have a go at riding it up anyway and see how far I got, which happened to be all the way, not exactly effortlessly but certainly easily and without the traditional huffing and the leaden feeling in my legs. It was very pleasing.

In other random news, Mark Greenaway mentioned Useless Loop. It’s a very pleasant and peaceful place, near Denham, Monkey Mia in the Shark Bay region, and I recommend a visit. It was apparently named by one of the Dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (East India Company) ships as “no use landing here, it is a useless loop”.

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