29 September 2005

Coffee and molasses

Got to bed late last night (well, early-ish this morning), so I did an unusual thing at the start of my day and dug out the coffee — and some molasses. The molasses supplies some of the things which the caffeols strip out of your system, and it appears to work. At least, many of the symptoms I usually show when hitting the coffee have failed to show on this occasion (a few have, but are a pale shadow of their former selves).

The taste, however...

...is odd. Just odd.


M said...

That's interesting.. what is it that coffee strips out of you?

Just out of interest, what side effects do you see?
I've recently dumped coffee (cold turkey about 6 months ago) and now only have 1 cup every 2 weeks or so (if that even).

Leon Brooks said...

The symptoms I get are shakiness (not the jitters as portrayed by comedians, just geriatric unsteadiness), tension, mild stomach cramps, sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes hangover-like symptoms the next day (yes, even if I chase it with mucho water), hunger pangs.

Coffee is hungry for vitamins, but the human system uses a pretty reasonable amount of almost everything to maintain homeostasis in the face of acidic, drug-laden, oil-laden, whatever-laden coffee. Which (like cigarettes and alcohol) is why it’s so fiercly addictive.

Molasses is broad-spectrum gunk, so I guess tends to replace a lot of what gets used up by simply making a variety of more or less random stuff available when it’s most needed. I think you could boost the effect considerably by adding a multivitamin and a bunch of extra C as well.

I still got a moderate amount of the hangover effect, but the rest was much reduced or absent.

M said...

Hmmm glad to know I'm not alone.
I don't get Tension or shakiness but the rest is pretty close to what I get.

What I find interesting is that I used to drink a _lot_ of the stuff only a few years ago, with nearly no side effects (I could even drink coffee before bed and sleep soundly and easily), but now all of a sudden I'm no longer caffeine tolerant :-(

Oh well, I guess that's old age catching up with me :-P