31 August 2005

Serious salad roll

On my way to a day spent mostly fixing stuff at and from my book-keeper’s place I dropped into the local (Stirling) continental supermarket and ordered a salad roll. I got handed a serious salad roll, although definitely not up to Stewart’s praiseworthy standards for victualic purity.

It had heft. It’s not often that one gets to heft a salad roll. It also had a serious layer of cheese, and interestingly continental things like eggplant and dried tomato. If I’d wrung it out over my bike’s chain, it undoubtedly would not have squeaked at all on my way home. And it tasted seriously delicious, except for the polystyrenewhite-bread roll, but even then the flavour of the contents completely overrode the flavour of the styrenesubstrate.

So... if you’re in Perth’s northern suburbs and interested in a salad(ish) roll with oomph, drop into the supermarket at the Stirling Village Shopping Centre on the corner of Cedric and Sanderling Streets, Stirling. (-:

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