09 August 2005

Reasons to use software RAID instead of hardware

  1. When your disk controller card fails, you can drop the disks into another machine, or replace the card with almost anything else, and you’re back in business within minutes-to-hours;

I’m very happy that this machine is not under my purvey.

The manufacturer does indeed have spares for these AUD$3500 RAID cards... somewhere in the world. The customer’s main server might be back in business tomorrow if they’re lucky, or Thursday.

The machine went wonky late yesterday morning, and it took until this morning for assorted experts to figure out what was actually dead. Meanwhile, production on several of their lines stops.

These guys have had more RAID controllers fail in their LOB server machines than disks. As at now, they would have been better off without RAID.


mariuz said...

Amen , i had the "pleasure" to install an
hardware raid5 (s-ata)
1. It was software based one (driver did all work)
2. you had to install the driver after the os install on another disk
3. "hw" raid drivers were older than kernel i had

So i'm decided to install software raid after i have seen the above issues

mariuz said...

did i mentioned that i hate to work with
raid cards from bios
Yah the ones that come with board integrated
Every raid have "special" interface in BIOS, In linux
I learn once and set up raid's forever