31 August 2005

My kingdom for a paintball gun! - and, well, hay!

If anyone in WestOz has a paintball gun I can borrow for a week or two, that would be much appreciated. Also, if you know where to get pressure and ammo for same in the far northern suburbs, that would be likewise appreciated. Email to me within the cyberknights com au domain or ’mobile 0409-655-359.

Ali Russell is shopping for hay in the wrong places. Over here it’s about $12 for a small square bale of oaten hay (about $6 for pasture or lucenre hay) and $60 for a round bale (which has considerably more than 10 small bales in it (typically 30-35, the density of all bales varioes enormously depending on the hay itself, the baling gear, settings on the bailng gear, moisture content, yadda yadda) but 3/4 of a tonne is a good rule of thumb for round bales — if you have the space for them) or super-bales (car-sized square bales) are around $150/t delivered. You can fit a round bale in a 1t 6x4 trailer, with suitable straps. At those rates, Ali should esily best Rusty’s car’s mileage. (-:

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