17 August 2005

A different kind of a patch-y

Got to patch my bike’s front tube today. That’s gotten a lot easier over the years — I have memories of vulcanising stuff and little baby tyre levers to get the rubber on and off the rim, but it’s all chemicals and comes apart by hand — could probably have done it without removing the wheel.

Careful inspection of the nuts, bolts and threaded holes as I undid everything suggests that this bike’s front wheel has never been off the forks before.

No point in patching it, of course, ’coz the sky fell in about ten minutes after I was done.

Busy writing up 6000 words about Moodle today. If you’re a trainer or teacher of any sort and haven’t had a good hard look at Moodle yet, now’s your chance. It’s a serious swiss army knife of a CMS, course presenter, document management system, surveyor, yadda yadda.

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