01 August 2005

Browser Wars, Round N

ComputerWeekly says:

There have now been more flaws in the Firefox browser this year than in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

I think this needs considerable qualifying:

  • The Firefox team have fixed more things than the MSIE team this year;

  • MSIE has over six times as many outstanding (unfixed) bugs as Firefox;

  • MSIE’s many outstanding flaws are rated “Highly critical”, FF’s few are rated “Less critical”;

  • Working wild exploits for FF: zero; for MSIE: hundreds;

  • Because MSIE is closed-source, only a very few people can audit it, but anybody can audit FF;

  • This cannot be written off to popularity, since MSIE’s exposure far outweighs the popularity ratio.

For some interesting if somewhat unnerving statistics, see here:


For the record, I use the Konqueror web browser.

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