25 August 2005

Bright idea

So what do you do with a dark and dingy bathroom with a single bayonet light-fitting rated at sixty watts?

picture of luminaire at work

You trot down to Bunnings (of “buy-pass Bunnings” fame) or WA Salvage and nab yourself a 50W Nelson compact flourescent lamp. No, that’s not a replacement for a 50W incandescent lamp, that’s a CF lamp which draws 50W and allegedly replaces a 240W incandescent.

This motherous great device is a good 20cm long, so don’t expect it to fit into a tiny enclosure. It has ventilation slots around the base, so I wouldn’t think it’d be much chop outdoors or without ventilation indoors.

This throws more light through the en-suite doorway into the bedroom than either of the 60W incandescents in the actual bedroom throw.

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