10 August 2005

The bizarrebecue

Starting to settle in here, and as seems to be traditional for moving in the hot water system is on the fritz — yes, you can have a warmish shower, but it takes half a minute to fill a cup with water.

One of the many difficult-to-explain features of this new residence is what I’ve dubbed “the bizarrebecue”, a gas barbecue decorated with concreted-on power-pole insulators and sea-shells.


Amongst the many odd features are gas fittings exposed to the elements (not a trace of shelter); a gas pipe leading across the rocks to a gas-bottle simply laid in the garden on its side (against a plastic pipe whose purpose we have yet to discern), hotplate edges turned upwards to hold the fat in instead of letting it drain, and a last supper which appears to consist largely of sand.

The house also sports zero outside lights, and many switches which don’t appear to actually control anything. Given that one of the major engineering feats of the previous owner was dropping antenna cables down the side of the house an knocking a hole with a hammer drill to poke them through, it looks like the new owner will be spending many happy hours tracing down wires and prodding cautiously in wall cavities.

Other than oddities like this, the house is very comfortable, well located and seems so far to have excellent neighbours.

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