22 August 2005

All the way around the lake

Went all the way around Lake Joondalup today. Needed it, too. Will be seeing a chiropractor tomorrow as well.

Nice, smooth sealed dual-use path from about 2k north of us to about the same on the other side, then (continuing clockwise) several km of rough limestone track, short burst of nice path, longer burst of “triple-use roadway” then absolutely nothing, not even a footpath (except for a very short burst of concrete outside a new estate which is —ing useless ”coz it begins and ends in sand some way from the road and is hemmed in by gardens so there’s no way on or off except the pram ramp each side of the entry halfway along it) alongside Wanneroo Road all the way back down to the Shire depot, then dive in south of the pine plantation toward the lake again and back on the path.

The sealed bit on the southern stretch, west side is quite nice, buried deeply enough in the bush that even the traffic noises are hushed to inaudibility — and I met absolutely nobody on my whizz through there.

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