12 July 2005

Which bank was this gullible?

Walking through the Karawara shopping centre today, and I spot an ATM stuck through the window adjacent one of the entrances. On the back of the ATM is a CRT, displaying... what?

Useful status information? Nope.

Cutting-edge advertising? Hah!

No, what we get is a very MS-Windows looking screen explaining that this device contains intellectual property owned by Diebold and you’d better not steal it or else.

Diebold? You mean the same schmucks who repeatedly get done for running stupidly insecure voting machines and the like in the USA? Can anyone else see a disaster waiting to happen here?

And... which bank was this gullible?

1 comment:

Major said...

It is the "same schmucks" but Diebold have been in the ATM business a long time and without any apparent disasters. 99% of the ATMs in the world run [or can run] Diebold emulation (in the same way that almost all modems run Hayes).