27 July 2005

An unusual city view

cabbage seedlings

Does this look like busy, industrial Osborne Park? Well, ’tis.

I walked to a customer site from Stirling train station today, past impressive (for a civic works) amounts of machinery trying to beat the swamp into submission (thirty or forty years later, they’re now down to digging out and replacing about five meters of peat, but I still think that anyone digging a wine cellar there is going to get a nasty shock, and a decade or so from now the lawsuits over subsidences etc will start to roll in), and right alongside the dual-use path just north of Hutton Street and half a stone’s throw from the Mitchell Freeway was a happy little market gardner toiling away.

Just behind the trees is a four-lane highway, and immediately right is seven lanes of freeway. Everything else to the right of the picture is shops and light industry.

Canberra denizens will be used to having cows and such within earshot of the CBD, but someone from Sydney (where the last farmland was three hours back) might find it all a bit disorienting.

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