16 July 2005

SCO shoots own foot off, responds by shooting off other foot, too

It seems that TSG had to unseal a 2002 email explaining that none of their copyrights existed in Linux (incidentally, X/X11/XFree86/Xorg is not a part of Linux). So how do they respond? By quoting another email which says that there’s lots.

So far, so good... except that the second email was written in 1999. D’oh! Or possibly, D’ohl. Key text from the 2002 email explains a lot:

The project was a result of SCO's executive management refusing to believe that it was possible for Linux and much of the GNU software to have come into existance without *someone* *somewhere* having copied pieces of proprietary UNIX source code to which SCO owned the copyright.
...oh, and does this sound familiar?
There was, at one stage, the idea that we would sell licenses to corporate customers who were using Linux as a kind of “insurance policy”
...so it looks more and more like D’ohl was simply to fixated on the idea that FOSS couldn’t posibly have done what it regularly does: produced a massive application de novo ex nihilo.

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