20 July 2005

Routing around

If you do this across the road to a favourite 4WD playground...

barred gate

...then people will do this...

Pajero at play

...leading to this...

tracks through bush

On the same trip, I exposed another limitation of photography, not limited to the digital variety. These flowers...

purple blossoms

...are in Real Life™ a much deeper, richer and purpler purple than the flattish pale blue hue on your monitor would have you believe. The camera ain’t got the sensors to campture it, and if it did, your monitor wouldn’t have the phosphors (or whatever) to display it.

Coming back from this ride, on a slight downhill with a tailwind, I got the FOSTFOLG Beastie up to the point where I couldn’t pedal any faster. The bike was certainly stable, but the vigorous bouncing up and down on the dirt road was threatening to do the rider’s head in.

I also got some nice shots of big, healthy banksia flowers (~20cm tall by ~8cm thick) and some yen-whan native wattle (darker and deeper colours than the imported stuff they plant alongside the main roads for the tourists).

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