01 July 2005

Quote of the week, and Educational prices

Quoth the teacher, an official DET employee, in email to me:
Basically Microsoft/copyright is scaring me, hence starting the exploration of open source software, particularly if I want to give old computers away to needy families.

A thing about Educational pricing: it stops being legal to use software so acquired as soon as you stop being a student. So say you (as a typical contemporary deal) have a wad of software included in the cost of your course. You install it, use it for two years, then finish your course. Now you have a choice to make. Do you

  1. keep right on using it, illegally?
  2. spend twice the cost of a new whitebox computer replacing just the basics at non-OEM non-Edu pricing?
  3. switch away from something you just spent two years familiarising yourself with?
I find it fascinating that almost all of the companies which do this are members of the BSAA.

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