21 July 2005

New digs

glimpse of lake joondalup

For the first time in a while, we’ve chosen a house to rent which we haven’t had to pick in a hurry. This one’s in Wanneroo, not far from Lake Joondalup, and has an actual yard worthy of the name. The lake-shore has buckets of playgrounds and lawns and ovals and cycleways to everywhere, plus it’s a good deal closer to der kinders’ school. Oh, yes, and it definitely has ADSL.

BTW, word from my source is that Telstra are now promising ADSL2 for the little ISPs in January. Ish. Not September. Big surprise there. <sarcasm> Good to see Telstra caring for all Australians and not giving the small players a hard time, as usual. <sarcasm>

I’ve been having fun with PCREs, trying to match “chicken pox” (“len.gthen your me/mber by over 3 ln*ches”) and “screeech” [sic] (“cheeeeep viaaaaagraa”) without trashing any real email. It’d be handy to have a simple, neat way of saying “and” and “but not” to a PCRE hit.

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