25 July 2005

Little keyboards update

little keyboard in operation

tuberling by arrowsThe little keyboards went in, and it looks like they've made a penny drop. Except for a mild burst of SuperTux-mania and occasional fits of desire for the Polly Pocket™ website, der kinder haven’t shown an overwhelming interest in computers. Safe, I thought, they might grow up sane.

The advent of the little keyboards seems to have certified the computers (or at least, that computer) as being for their little selves instead of just an adult device that they borrow occasionally. Above, you can see AnnéRose with a small mouse firmly in her grip; they now compete quite vigorously for the driver’s seat.

To the left, you can see a piece of Tuberling Art by her four-year-old self; both littles have also taken to TuxPaint big time and we have a growing gallery of essentially random artwork from that.

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