04 July 2005

I'd like one percent of that!

It seems that Microsoft paid IBM USD$775M rather than be sued by them for antitrust violations over OS/2 and SmartSuite. I think they got off rather lightly.

The face Microsoft put on it says a lot about them:

“With these antitrust issues behind us, both Microsoft and IBM can move ahead, at times cooperatively and at times competitively, to bring the best products and services to customers,” said Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith
Not “We’ve been naughty, and got caught, and we’ve learned to not mistreat you” but “Now that this is over, we’re a great company with great products [and implied], we’ve never really done anything wrong, trust us”.

Business as usual — screwing the system, and everyone in it, over — seems to be the order of the day once more. But at least they had to shell out several of their many hoarded billions to resume it. Never mind, they’ll be among the first against the wall [mortgage on soul required], now that the revolution is on final approach.

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