07 July 2005

I didn't bring flowers, I brought a grenade


The European Parliament rejected a law on patents for software, ending a three-year effort by companies including Nokia Oyj and Siemens AG to counter U.S. domination of Europe's $60 billion market.

The parliament in Strasbourg, France, today voted 648 to 14 to throw out a draft law [...]

We buried a bad law and did so without flowers,” said Eva Lichtenberger, an Austrian member of the parliament’s Green group. “The legislation would have hindered the development of small companies and helped big businesses because they are the only ones that can afford patent lawyers and litigation costs.”


Oh, what a shame <leap> <click> (-:

But watch the slimy buggers try to backdoor it despite the 46:1 “NO!” vote.

Thanks to Con Zymaris for that link.

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