24 July 2005

Confuser Insultants

Ryan Verner has been having trouble with morons from Windows space... turns out to be a common problem here, too.

I have an “expert” in another state advising people I’ve never met, but who have the ear of the owner (currently an absentee landlord as he opens offices in other countries) of a local company — and while said consultant seems quite well intended, there are some... obvious shortcomings in his understanding of how anything larger than a single fixed MS-Windows domain (or AD equivalent) is supposed to work. I seem to know considerably more about how such things work, which is not exactly a compliment.

Such are the politics of the situation that he’ll probably wind up planning the network, install SBS everywhere at four times the cost of using the equivalent Linux boxes, have problems with dodgy semi-real Active Directory domains, have to maintain the suckers regularly (the head office Linux box has required intervention about once a year on average), and then run into problems trying to synchronise all of the offices reliably.

If things do work out that way, it won’t be a big problem for me in a business sense, since CyberKnights is not short of things to do, but these guys have been through a lot already (had almost all of their repossessed at once stage because of the misbehaviour of a different but related company, for example), and stuck with us throughout so I’d feel bad about the whole thing.

I guess the lesson at the end of the day is that — as it is written — we live in an imperfect world. If anyone knows of a simple comparison which shows Linux doing well at managing Blackberry devices, please email me the link (me via cyberknights com au).

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